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About the Stallions
Division 1 Hockey Club

The Stallion Hockey Club of Western Michigan University is a registered student organization and a member of the WMU Sports Club Council. The Stallions play in Division 1 of the American Colllegiate Hockey Association and are members of the Great Lakes Collegiate Hockey Conference (GLCHL).

The Stallions were started in 1995 by Chris Winchester and Paul Kettlehut and played their first season at the ACHA Division II level, winning the ACHA Division II National Championship!


Starting the next year, the Stallions have played at the ACHA Division I level ever since. The Stallions have competed in many National Tournaments and are frequently ranked in top 20.

The Stallions also field a hockey program at the ACHA Division III level. If you are not interested in the commitment required for the Division I program, but still want to continue your hockey career at the collegiate level, visit the Stallions D3 Website.

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