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Stallions Extend Head Coach Andy Reynolds

Head Coach Andy Reynolds has agreed to a four-year contract extension to remain the coach of the Stallions through the Spring of 2025.

After not having a chance to compete last season due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Head Coach Andy Reynolds is thrilled to have a fresh start. “I’m looking forward to moving forward and competing. The team worked hard during the short duration we had together and I think our level of compete coming in will be high”, said Andy.

While there were drawbacks and disappointment in not playing last season, there were some advantages for the new staff. “With us starting over and having a new staff, we were very successful in getting the signings we have”, Andy said. “We feel that reaching out to prospects when we did and having a full season to recruit helped our odds for this season as well as the future”.

Even without playing last season, there were plenty of positives to draw from the new staff. Club President and Goaltender Alex Hufford said “Andy and his staff did a great job last season, from structuring high pace practices to building a fun program for the players, we felt that we took massive steps in the right direction. Our board felt that Andy is doing the right things to put the program back on the national stage, and we are excited to see where he takes the program in the near future”.

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