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Stallion Hockey Club - Division 1 Program​

The Stallion Hockey Club is a registered student organization at Western Michigan University.
The Club conducts elections at the end of each season to select officers to run the program for the next year.

POSITION         NAME                 YEAR                 E-MAIL

Year.         President           Vice President         Treasurer              Secretary

2023-24.   Justin Satawa      Gavin Hoover          Charlie Tess           Jack Williams

2022-23    Justin Satawa      Gavin Hoover          Charlie Tess            Tyler Lorring

2021-22    Alex Hufford.       Gavin Hoover          Charlie Tess            Tyler Lorring

2020-21    Alex Hufford       Doug Wakelyn         Rafferty Channey     Jared Park 

2019-20.   Alex Hufford.      Justin Thayer           David Kiel            Drew Wotta



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